How To Play

5 Steps of Winning.

How To Play

5 Steps of Winning.

Do you watch your favorite sports? If yes, then Fant11 is tailor-made for you. It is played by applying your sports abilities and understanding. All you need to do is to make your own team by selecting players which you feel may perform well in the very game you’re participating. And that’s it!

The good thing is: you will have 100 credits for choosing players for Cricket. And if your selected players play well, you win well. Very well, indeed.

Select a match

In the first step, you should select any upcoming match

Finalize your Fant11 Team

Pick players of your choice.

Enter a contest

Select the match based on your financial planning.

Enjoy the Match

Now, sit back and watch your players perform for you.


Once, you have won, then you withdraw your amount through just one verification. Dead easy!!!


Step 1: Select a Match

Select any upcoming match from the list of ongoing and upcoming cricket series and click on the ‘Create Team’ button.

Create your Fant11 team by picking 11 players as per the following combinations within a budget of 100 credits.

Step 2: Make your Team

Select players for your Fant11 team from all 4 of the categories mentioned below: Wicket-keeper - WK Batsmen - BAT Bowlers - BWL All-rounders - AR Click 'i' next to the player name and find information about the player. Sort players as per their teams, credits or points. Remember: Number of players added to your team Available credits The deadline for team submission

Step 3: Select your Fant11 team’s Captain & Vice Captain Select a Captain & Vice Captain for the team.

Captain - Gets 2x points than the other players. So, Select your captain wisely.

Vice-Captain - Gets 1.5x points than the other players. Again, pick vice-captain wisely.

Step 4: Creating multiple teams

You can create upto 11 teams per match and select to join contests with any of the teams by clicking ‘Create Team.

Managing Your Team

If you want to make any changes in your team, then you may also do so before the deadline. You can also change Captain and vice-captain. Cool, no???

Select the “Edit Team” button to make changes to your team. Make sure to pick players who are the most probable in the paying 11.

Key things to remember

Your chosen captain will earn 2 times more than the other players. And the Vice-Captain will earn 1.5 times the points for his performance

There will be no point for substitute’s contribution in the match. But, Concussion Substitutes (known in the Cricket Australia Playing Conditions for Domestic Matches) will be given points for any contributions they make in a match governed by the Cricket Australia Playing Conditions for Domestic Matches.

In case of any transfer of a real-life player in the intervening period between scheduled updates, such transfer shall not be reflected in the roster of players until the next scheduled update. Please note that while the transferred player will be available for selection in the transferred team's roster of players in a Contest during the intervening period, no points will be attributed to such transferred player in the course of such contest.

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